A new website, a refresh or a review to see how it can be improved is what we do here at Bee Box Marketing.

The evolution of the web has made it important for your site to look good on a mobile device. You might need landing pages to make your next campaign a hit. You need the right SEO settings to be found. And then there is hosting, emails, SSL and domain names. It can get overwhelming.

So let’s cut through the jargon and design a site that communicates what your services are, include some fabulous images and video, tell them what you’re about and how they can find you. Let’s make it flexible so it suits you now and tomorrow. Let us worry about the nuts and bolts of the back end that make it run well and help you get found in the search engines.

For now, get in touch and we can chat about where you’re at and where you want to go.


A website for a wellness centre that offers a variety of services including links to external online booking engines and partner websites.


A website for a retail store which highlights the range of products and categories that you will find when you visit.

We build websites with:





Sure, there are many tools to enable you to build your own site. But if you don’t have the time, patience or skills… we’re here to help. Oh! And we can help with deciding what to put on there, writing the text to go with it and taking the photos too.

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