Film & Video


It’s no surprise that year after year social media trends tell us that video is the most engaging element of social media. While we love authentic videos made on our mobile phones, is that the right look for your business? Let’s make it professionally.

More importantly, let’s make them and use them!

Plan ahead

A successful video is well planned. Let’s brainstorm, create a storyboard, interview questions and book in the filming date. Decide on how the video production will be used as it determines size and length. Communicate with those who will be in the video so they can look and feel their best. Your video will be ready about 2 weeks after filming.

Promote it

Put it on your website, start a YouTube channel, promote it on Facebook. So many options! The key is getting it seen so that it works for your business.

Greenough Wildlife and Bird Park

While this property is no longer available for sale, this is a video filmed and produced by Bee Box Marketing highlighting the property, business and its benefits. Additional promotion for the real estate agent is possible without necessarily needing to be on camera. Script written by Bee Box Marketing.

Make It Move

Perhaps real images aren’t your thing. Illustration is equally engaging and can add visual excitement to any project. It can demonstrate what a camera may not be able to capture. It can add another dimension to your video production or stand alone.

As we can control the style, we can keep visual consistency throughout the video. This helps build your brand, improve brand recognition and consumer trust.


Animation and motion graphics do take additional production time as each portion is hand-drawn and customised. The budget is within reach and we are happy to provide a custom quote for your project.

Animation & Motion Graphics

Geraldton Toy Library

We created an illustrative style for Geraldton Toy Library to give a fun feel to the library without having to lean on any child models or legal aspects involved. This enabled us to depict a variety of ages engaged in any number of activities.